How to Spot a Fake Gold Deal

One Easy Way to Spot a Fake Gold Deal

If you are visiting our site you may have ventured in gold transactions. Have you ever seen an offering for "aurum utalium"?

We honestly do not mean to make anyone feel stupid, but here are the basics: Aurum is the Latin word for "gold." If you look up aurum, or Au, on the Chemical Periodic Table of the Elements, you will see "Au" listed as Element #79, which is gold, not aurum utalium, which does not exist. On this table, which is used by chemical professionals around the world, gold is listed right in between platinum (Pt) and mercury (Hg).

Where did this fake word "utalium" come from? It is something that was made up by the broker community, and it does not exist. It does not exist in any dictionary and it does not exist anywhere on Earth, in nature or otherwise.

The periodic table has another element called silver, which is Element #47, right in between palladium (Pd) and cadmium (Cd). Silver's chemical symbol is Ag, which is Latin for Argentum. It is not Argentum Gallium or anything like that. It is the same for gold, which is Au, or aurum, and nothing more.

One quick, easy way to spot a fake gold deal is that the offering is presented as "aurum utalium," which is usually capitalized.

This "substance" does not exist! Here is Chemistry 101 once again:

Au = aurum (Latin) = Gold - this is in any dictionary

Ag = Argentum (Latin) = Silver - this is also in any dictionary

Utalium is nowhere in any documentation nor in any dictionary. However, you will find this nonexistent word all over the internet as if it were something that does exist, when in fact it does not.

Utalium is supposed to be "New Latin" or "neo-Latin," which is supposed to mean "useful element."

We would like to stress that you will not find "utalium" in any dictionary, nor in any documentation.

Next time you see "aurum utalium," you know there is a joker broker on the scene!

Gold deals are being done every single day on the commercial market. About 99 percent of all gold deals are commercial. The other one percent is secondary discounted gold, where you need to have the right connections in order to get the deal done.

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