Scams Identified

There are far more scams advertised than real deals. This is common sense. The regulatory authorities, and the top world banks, do not permit the solicitation of private banking programmes in a public forum, such as a newspaper, billboard, television, or radio ad, a financial forum, or internet website. Anytime you see such an advertisement placed in a public environment, they are not legitimate, and they should be ignored.

This cannot be stressed strongly enough. Please be aware that no one is permitted to advertise such programmes in any public environment. You may do so if you wish, but you would be wasting your time, and you may raise the ire of the SEC.

There is one thing that we would like to make clear: Programmes are not an investment. You do not have an investor; you have a client!

Another thing that we need to make clear on this page, is that despite the claims of the U.S. government, private banking programmes are real. They are run for the benefit of the banking elite, but private citizens who have capital may participate. All that is required is a genuine monthly banking statement.

Scenario scams:

  • The introducer asks for an up-front fee
  • The client is asked to transfer money into an escrow account which is not in full control of the client
  • The client is asked to buy a bank instrument, which is a big "no-no" in this business
  • The client is asked to pool funds together with other clients

The Difference Between Programmes and HYIPs

The message boards are full of scams which promise high yield returns on a client's money. We have personally seen yield claims as high as 1,000 percent in a single second. Most of them are much more conservative, attempting to avoid arousing suspicion, such as one or two percent per day. These are called HYIPs, also known as Ponzi schemes. Today, banks offer certificates of deposit (CD's) at no more than five percent per year. It is very easy to identify these scams. When individual people offer to make you more than your bank can, run fast, and run far away. It's a scam.

We are constantly asked about the reports from the SEC warning the public that this business does not exist, and that any of these offers are always scams. You can look this up for yourself. The U.S. government's stance is that banking programmes do not exist.

For the disbelievers out there who are looking for evidence that these types of programmes do exist: Learn about fractional reserve banking, and you will understand that these programmes do exist, and they do work.

There is nothing new under the sun, and banking programmes have been going on for fifty years, believe it or not. The only way to find out for yourself is if you, or a client, has the equivalent of 30 million euros in the bank. Again, all that is needed is a genuine monthly banking statement.

Welcome to the Place to Find out What is Real and What is Not!

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